What we do

At Salem Social Village in Shymkent, Kazakhstan, we have a wide range of projects, all of which are working towards the goal of enabling the growth of servant leaders through education, action and community. That’s why we call our site a Social Village, to reflect our non-profit people-focussed vision.

What Are Our Projects?

We have five main projects:

  • SalemYouth – we gather young people to explore what constructive social action can look like, and help them make great friends along the way.
  • World Without Limits – we facilitate a social club for people with disability, who are too often ignored by society.
  • AIDS Xperience – we fight discrimination and raise awareness of those at risk of HIV/AIDS through an experiential learning installation.
  • English Courses – we equip students to discover their role in the world through teaching high quality English courses.
  • SalemHub Cafe – we invite everyone into the social hub of the village, where compassionate community is built.