Nauryz at Salem

Here we went again – Nauryz (Kazakh New Year) at Salem:

  • 400 portions of plov
  • 30 litres of tea
  • 20 litres of kvass
  • Over 50 cups of coffee

On 20th March, Salem Social Village once more hosted the traditional party to welcome Spring and enjoy the normal fun and food of this ancient local festival. It was also, amazingly, the 10th time that a Nauryz event has been held on our site, and it was another great time for all!

Salem staff, friends, guests and partners gathered to, well, have a great time together! There was some wonderful traditional dancing, a programme that also included a lot of music, a baursak competition and of course the freshly made delicious plov.

A special thanks also goes to our dear friends Galina and Vlad Kudinov and the members of the World Without Limits social club, who personally supported this great event.