Outdoor cinema comes to Salem

A new initiative began last month when Salem hosted an outdoor cinema for the first time. Over three weeks, we hosted 9 showings of various films with a total attendance of at least 500 people. A number of the showings completely sold out, demonstrating that enjoying the big screen under the stars is a big attraction!

Cinema audience
The audience at the outdoor cinema at Salem

This was the first partnership venture with a local entrepreneur keen to make use of Salem’s grounds. He had plans to begin cinema under the stars in May, but lockdown prevented it. When the restrictions eased enough to allow outdoor events, we finally began, and people loved it. It maybe helped that cinemas here are still unable to open, and everyone has understandably been missing the big screen!

Our cafe, which has been closed for most of the summer, was open each night selling hot and cold food as well as coffee and tea. It was very popular and the food almost completely sold out most nights. The additional revenue generated by this outdoor cinema venture generated is also a big boost for Salem whilst less people are able to study on our English courses.

The team setting up for the outdoor cinema showings
The team running each screening worked hard to get everything set up each time

Now that the evenings are colder, we won’t be seing the screen again until next year, but it’s clearly been a great trial project that we’d like to repeat. Hopefully next summer will be a less restricted season when we can welcome outdoor cinema back to Salem!