Learning, learning and learning

To raise the qualifications of English teachers in Shymkent – that was always Tanya Zaikova’s dream. Finishing university with a Batchelors degree in education, and then getting a Masters in Educational Science, Tanya then began trying to find a way to help young teachers in the areas of professional and personal development, methodologies for working with students, emotional support, conflict resolution in the educational process, and of course the most important, continuous improvements in the qualifications of teachers of English.

Thanks to the unending enthusiasm and desire that Tanya has to help the new young generation of teachers in Kazakhstan, she – as project leader for Salem Social Village’s English Centre – organised a city-wide conference for English teachers at Salem.

In total, more than 50 local teachers took part in the conference, a one-day event during March 2018.

The conference programme included sessions on the following themes:

  • Guiding and concept questions
  • Four kinds of intellect
  • The philosophy of the effective teacher in the 21st Century, according to Steven Covey
  • Conflict resolution
  • ‘If teaching were a business’
  • Time-management for teachers
  • Teaching the whole person