Get involved

There are many ways that you can get involved in what we do here at Salem Social Village and be a Changemaker:

1. Donate money

All profits from our English Courses and Cafe are used to help fund projects at the Social Village and other charitable causes. However, we also rely on donations from sponsors to enable our projects to fully operate and bring change to those who really need it. Our sponsors help us to train and empower future leaders, provide practical support to frontline charities, and offer volunteer opportunities within disadvantaged communities.

Sponsors who are able to support us with a regular donation are incredibly valuable for us, helping to enable longer term planning and ongoing operation of our projects. If you would like to make a regular or one-off donation to the Salem Social Village, please visit our Global Giving page.

2. Donate goods

At Salem Social Village, we are always looking for high quality goods that are no longer wanted so that we can redistribute them to people in need. These come both from within Kazakhstan and internationally from Crossroads in Hong Kong.

These goods could be toys for an orphanage, wheelchairs for invalids, sewing machines for job creation, blankets for prisoners, paint for a Women’s Centre or even a guitar for a project bringing hope to young people. The variety is amazing.

All these goods are donated by individuals, companies, factories, hotels, hospitals or schools both locally and internationally.

We can distribute almost everything you can think of! As long as it is in good condition we are happy to receive it. Furniture, books, toy, clothing, blankets, wheelchairs, building materials, cooking equipment… Recently we even received an electric guitar!

Frequently requested items include:

  • Wheelchairs
  • Computers
  • Clothing
  • Blankets
  • Bunk beds
  • School desks and chairs
  • Toys

If you are located within Shymkent and have quality goods that you want to see go to help the needy, we would love to hear from you! Please call us on 31-84-24.

We are also very happy to receive donations of goods from businesses or individuals in other cities in Kazakhstan. Please contact us to make arrangements.

For donations from outside of Kazakhstan, please email or call us on +7 (7252) 31-87-32.

3. Donate time

If you live in Shymkent and want to volunteer with us, please get in touch about our current programme of social projects. We want to develop a full range of volunteer activities to enable more people to get involved in different ways, but at the moment we are working on establishing some of our projects for future development.

If you don’t live in Shymkent then it’s a bit harder to come and join in! At the moment we aren’t able to take on full-time foreign volunteers. However, if you want to help us by campaigning on our behalf as part of our current fundraising campaign, please email us at

Contact Us

To contact us, please email or call us on +7 (7252) 31-87-32.