Towards a goal of zero

According to experts at the World Health Organization, Kazakhstan is a leader in Central Asia of the implementation of progressive programs to address the problem of AIDS. The living proof of this in action is Salem Social Village’s interactive AIDS Xperience project.

The task of the AIDS Xperience is to draw public attention towards HIV/AIDS issues, raising awareness through information, influencing public opinion to be more tolerant and understanding, and also changing people’s attitudes towards those who actually live with HIV.

During December, in honour of World AIDS Day on 1st of the month, we welcomed students from the Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools in the city to go through the AIDS Xperience, as well as students at the local military academy and students at our own English Centre.

Our country actively supports the international campaign against AIDS 2011-15 under the motto, ‘Towards a goal of zero: no new HIV-infections, no discrimination, no AIDS-related deaths.’ As a charitable organisation, we fully support this goal, and are taking part in making it happen – we believe that together we will beat AIDS!