The Cafe has a New Roof!

It’s just over a year since we began the campaign to raise funds to replace the roof  of our unique charitable project Salem Social Cafe – a place which has become like a second home to many. Over the years its roof reached a dangerous situation and needed some significant capital expense to fix it.


For a long time, many charitable events, national celebrations and social clubs have met under its roof. People with significant disabilities and their parents, students of English courses and visitors to our Conversation Clubs, staff and volunteers, together with the creative and intellectual young people of Shymkent, have made Salem Social Cafe a place for regular rest and interaction.


As a charitable organisation, we are in great need of financial help in order to undertake this kind of repair. Having launched a campaign to raise the needed funds, we were able a year later to go ahead on the project. And, confirming our experience of working in the charitable sector, the world is not without generous people! We received support from sponsors in many corners of the world, thanks to the generous work of the fundraising platform GlobalGiving.


And so now, all our guests, visitors, staff and all lovers of good baking, natural coffee and a friendly social space, can hang out in comfort under our new coffee-coloured roof!

Thank you to all who took part in this project and supported us to enable the replacement of the roof. We celebrate together with you!