Thanks, Gerdine

How can you choose a comfortable seat? What is the safest position for a seated person? How can you adapt the seat so that it is as comfortable and painless as possible for the person sitting in it?

We don’t usually ask ourselves such questions: firstly, because there are generally a lot of comfortable seats whenever we need one; and secondly, because our amazing body automatically provides the most effective and safe sitting mode on any surface.

However, people with disabilities have to consider these kind of questions every day! For example, a badly adjusted wheelchair can not only NOT assist their physical condition, but seriously worsen the health of a person with disabilities.

On behalf of people with disabilities, we want to say a sincere thank you to a specialist in physiotherapy from the Netherlands, who prepared and presented to the Salem Social Village team a training session in the professional selection and adjustments of seating positions and wheelchairs.

Gerdine, thank you so much for your kind and passionate heart!