Thanks for the party!

The International Day of Volunteering falls on 5th December each year, so for Salem Social Village, with our volunteering project and a focus on empowering young people to do something for those around them, we have lots of reasons to mark this day.

The Salem Social Cafe was once again the warm welcoming venue for a celebration complete with many speeches of congratulations, kind words all around, gifts, tea and cake. It was a great atmosphere which was noticed throughout the Social Village.

It was 31 years ago that the UN General Assembly established the festival to encourage volunteering and its associated benefits for economic and social development around the world. Since 1985, people from around the world have celebrated the International Day of Volunteering every December 5th.

Although volunteering isn’t a cultural norm here like in many other places around the world, we at Salem Social Village have enormous pleasure in being able to do our bit and support other charitable initiatives through inspiring volunteers. For each of the last 5 years, we’ve taken this chance to celebrate volunteering and express gratitude towards those in the city who have been selflessly working for others. Everyone wants to live in a place marked by happiness and generosity!

Of course, as a charitable/non-profit organisation, we would really love to develop a movement of mutual help and volunteering in this city and beyond. And so, we take every opportunity to meet together and thank those who are active in tackling social problems in society. Therefore, a big thank you to the UN General Assembly for giving us a reason!