Studying to improve

The Salem team started the year as they intend to go on – with some education.

As a non-profit charitable organisation, we are actively promoting education, and that includes our own! Our intention is to continue our staff development year by year, developing skills and improving our ability to take opportunities in the areas of education and social action. In a context where professional development and investing in staff training is somewhat rare and haphazard, this is significant!

For two days, the team received a 16 hour training program from a well-known trainer from Almaty, Maxim Mishenko, who covered a number of concepts and areas, including rational emotional therapy; what it means to be a person and understand your purpose; issues of internal damage; analysing social transactions in the roles of parent, adult and child; the DISC system of four character types; conflict resolution; the emotional bank account; and more.

Needless to say, it was a pretty full couple of days, with lots of new ideas and concepts to take away. Well worth the investment.