Study and do good!

In the middle of October, the students of our English Centre project finished their last lessons, took their final tests, and awaited the results from their English courses, at whichever level they’d been studying since early September.


Many years have shown us that each semester around 30%, the particularly diligent ones, finish with an ‘excellent’ grade; 30% get a ‘good’; 25% manage a ‘pass’; and 15% or so don’t quite make the grade. That’s just how it goes!

All the same, time doesn’t stand still, and after one summit has been conquered, the next awaits. On Monday 31st October, registration began for our English courses in the second semester of this academic year. Each day for a week, from first thing until late, our English teachers have been meeting, carefully testing and proposing the best course for the new intake, looking to continue their English development at Salem Social Village.


For us it’s a great joy to see enthusiastic people who want to come and study English with us. Because every student who chooses Salem for their English course isn’t just becoming a student of the most popular and good quality English courses in the city (we really think so!) – they are also actively supporting a charitable and socially-minded organisation working for the benefit of the city and society as a whole!