For students in our English Centre project, the summer semester (June and July) this year will be the last one using the course content that we’ve been teaching from for some time now. From next semester onwards, our courses will be enhanced by the acquisition of new teaching materials which we are adopting to update our curriculum and improve our assessment process.

The English Centre at Salem Social Village is well known in the city as one of the best places to learn English. This reputation is deserved thanks to the unbiased and conscientious work of the whole Social Village team over many years. There’s also the respect and care shown to every student, and the continual improvement of both our teaching methods and the English curriculum itself.

The new teaching materials which we will be using from September onwards are called ‘Straightforward’ and published by Oxford MacMillan. A modern accessible and high quality production covering all levels of adult courses and particularly focussed on developing conversational skills, these resources come complete with internet-linked resources and CDs for audio materials.

During June, our teaching team hosted an event in the cafe to present the new materials to our students in advance of their introduction.

Overall, this is a significant step forward towards continuing the long-term influence and effectiveness of our courses for the whole city – we want to remain the best place to study English in Shymkent!