Singing for joy

Nastya is a student at music college. She heard about the social club for people with disabilities from her aunt. She first came to Salem Social Cafe to simply meet and get to know those in the club, and then decided that she could do something more for the club. And she started to sing.

The last couple of times that the World Without Limits clubs has met, this talented singer has given a small concert. She sings for a grateful and appreciative audience, who love this addition to their time together and the extra joy it brings for spending time in the cafe.

Nastya said, “I really love bringing joy to these wonderful people and sharing something of my heart. It’s good to give, and I believe that every good deed will be rewarded.”

“The young people from the World Without Limits social club are people, just like us,” she adds. “After every performance I’m very happy to hear their impressions of my music. It’s really important to me to know whether they liked how I sang, because I want them to have a great time, and for my performances for them to better and better.”