Salem shortlisted for national award


Every year, the Altyn Zhurek awards (which means Golden Heart in Kazakh) are held in Kazakhstan. These are intended to recognise and encourage those working in the charitable sector, whether individual benefactors, companies involved in social projects, or NGOs working with those in need.

This year, Salem Social Village was nominated in the category of Working with People with Disabilities, although we haven’t entered before and we still don’t know who nominated us! However, we were very excited and proud to learn this week that we’ve been one of the three shortlisted in that category.

Although the awards process is for an individual to be nominated in this particular category, our Executive Director Arman is a worthy representative of the Social Village, and we’re looking forward to hearing the judging panel’s decision at the awards ceremony on 27th October.


If you speak Russian or can use Google Translate, you can see the information about us on the shortlist page of the Altyn Zhurek website (look out for this familiar face and the logo behind him in the third category down on the page). Stay posted for more when we hear it!