Salem’s New Year party

Once again at the end of December, the Social Village was able to host a particularly fun party.

The charitable event was focussed on providing a chance for some fun and celebration, not to mention presents, for a number of children from families who wouldn’t otherwise be able to provide such luxuries at this important time of year.

It was also a great picture of Global Citizenship at work, whereby true care for others less fortunate isn’t limited or bounded – a number of the gifts for the children from disavantaged families were provided by young people from the World Without Limits social club, who decided that they could do something for these kids.

We are also grateful to the professional actors from the Russian Drama Theatre who put on a great show for all the guests, in the traditional local way with much dancing and characters from popular shows popping up.

Once again, everyone got involved, everyone played a part, no one was left out, and new opportunities to help others were taken which resulted in a great time for many people.

Happy New Year!