Please help me learn!

Due to the generous help of local sponsors, a number of children who wouldn’t otherwise ever get the chance to study with us have been able to enroll on English Centre courses. For Salem Social Village, it’s an enormous honour to give these young people the chance to study English and open up new horizons for their futures!

  1. Yersin is a boy from a family in difficult circumstances. His mother has significant disabilities and works as a cleaner. She has four children. His father doesn’t work. They live in what can best be described as a hut. Yersin also has a disability, but as a schoolboy he is very capable and loves learning.

  1. Yekaterina lives with her grandmother. Her mother and father are both alcoholics and don’t care for her. The only income the family has is her grandmother’s pension. They live in very difficult circumstances. Her grandmother is struggling to give her granddaughter a better future.

  1. Kristina has disabilities and a very hard situation. Her father walked out on the family and her mother drinks. It’s her grandmother who looks after Kristina. She really wanted to study English together with other students, she can’t get enough of social time with others. The specialist taxi service for people with disabilities brings her to each lesson.