“I’d love to help!”

“I would just love to do something to help a charity. I’m so glad I found your organization! Please keep me informed. My friends and I want to help as much as we can. ”

Taking children with disabilities on a day out at the zoo

Taking children with disabilities on a day out at the zoo

The majority of people here have little understanding of the role that non-profit organizations can play in society, or any desire to help others less fortunate than themselves. So it was a surprise to hear these words – not from another generous Westerner who had read Village Leaf or visited our site; this was a young local woman called Dinara.

She had quite accidentally stumbled across the Salem Social Village website, and was inspired to take action. She didn’t just call us, but arranged for leave from work to come and learn about what she personally could do to help people in need.

“My friends and I have already bought products and sent them to children in an orphanage. We really want to do more, something useful that can participate in solving the problems of people in need,” Dinara said. These are inspiring words which also capture the very essence of what we want to encourage here.

We were delighted to meet her and see her genuine enthusiasm, and excited to be able to help her help others! Our vision is to inspire many more young people like Dinara, who will proactively look for ways to change the world for the better – the Changemakers of Central Asia.