Helping Mums

The old friend and volunteer at Salem Social Village, Ulianna, last month decided to organise an event to support the local charity ‘Home for Mums’. Salem has helped this shelter for young mothers at risk or in great need in the past, but this time it was one of those whom we have inspired who took the lead.

Ulianna gathered a team of equally inspired young people, including workers from the local coffee shops Korizza and Sentido, as well as some help from Salem Social Village, and got to work to support these vulnerable people who don’t have anywhere else to turn.

The volunteers spent time with the women themselves, played with the kids, and gave some short talks to encourage and inspire them. And to support this great initiative, Salem Social Village was of course very happy to be able to make a donation of some humanitarian aid received from Crossroads in Hong Kong: children’s clothes, blankets, cots and toys.