Culture and education

Last month, Salem Social Village put on a special event to help families in difficult circumstances as the school year, with all its associated expenses, began. In grand local style, the event was entitled ‘Culture and education is of decisive importance for the prosperous future of our children!’

We were able to help 25 kids from deprived families like this with gifts of stationery, rucksacks for school and footwear. There was also a talk given by one of our local English teachers, Aimkul Sadikova. She, as a mother herself, was able to relate to the demands of family life, and encourage all those present, both parents and children, of the importance of both education and cultural awareness.

As a non-profit organisation running various charitable projects, we are fully convinced that giving people things they need helps a bit, but helping them to change their own lifestyles through greater awareness, self-development and learning will in the long-term view bring genuine change to this country, ensuring that the children really will have a prosperous future.