Combatting suicide

Pay attention! This information could literally save someone’s life.

Suicide rates in Kazakhstan are very high. According to the World Health Organisation, Kazakhstan has the ninth highest overall suicide rate in the world, sixth for males. For young people, it’s far worse – it has the highest rate in the world for girls aged 15-19, and the second highest rate for boys of the same age.

One of the biggest challenges to changing that situation is simply a lack of information – on social media and websites that young people would normally visit, there is almost nothing that can change understanding and challenge perceptions of this issue.

And so, to mark World Suicide Prevention Day on 10th September, we produced this video, which one local TV station has already agreed to show, and we’re hoping to get another to show it too. We are also publicising it through our social media channels, in the hope that if even just one person can be helped through watching it by not taking their own life after all, it was worth it. Please share it on your network too.

We also had a flashmob event in a local park to highlight some of the startling statistics about suicide, for example, one person every hour in Kazakhstan takes their own life. This was covered by two local TV channels, yet more good coverage of something that just shouldn’t happen.

Sorry, this video is only in Russian