Awesome Alexei

Anyone able to easily and accurately type away on a computer demonstrates a certain skill. But when someone types using their toes whilst sat in a wheelchair – that’s awesome!

It has been said that human possibilities are limitless. And though it might sound a little odd, evidence of this statement came through a young guy from the World Without Limits social club for people with disabilities at Salem Social Village.

Alexei is a young guy, full of life, who loves to spend time with other young people and make plans for the future. He’s also got a special enthusiasm for his studies, and has outstanding academic abilities.

Since the death of his father, Alexei and his mother have lived together on just his disability allowance. The family didn’t have the means to get hold of a new wheelchair, which our talented young friend needed. So the gift from Salem Social Village was the perfect fit!

An enormous joy for Alexei and an enormous honor for us.