AIDS Xperience and activists

Recently a group of active students from the South Kazakhstan State University in Shymkent took part for the first time in our AIDS Xperience – an installation dedicated to helping in the fight against HIV/AIDS and challenging discrimination against people who have the HIV virus. These young people were very positive about this innovative project.


“We were surprised and very glad that a project like this exists in our city,” they told us. “The interactive approach helps in understanding how important these issues are in preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS even in Kazakhstan. The project helps you to reflect on the choices that people face, the kind that we take every day, and about how they influence a person’s future and that of those around them.”

For us, like for any charitable or public organisation, it’s a big boost and an honour to welcome to our site forward-thinking progressive young people. We’re very glad that Salem Social Village is becoming a place where doors are opening for young people to the world of sympathy, compassion and actively assisting others.