SalemHub Cafe

The English Cup Café opened in September 2011. The vision of the café is to build a compassionate community through providing an inviting place for refreshment and interaction. This is for everyone, whether or not they are learning English – we want to uphold the Silk Road tradition of building relationships and exchanging ideas over a great cup of coffee and delicious cakes and sweets.

кафе менюThe café is the social hub of the village and has a great atmosphere. It is the only ‘social café’ in the whole of South Kazakhstan, where profits go directly to support the other charitable parts of our work. We want to increasingly raise awareness of global issues within a constructive and social context, through highlighting different aspects of global need and providing local volunteering opportunities.

During 2018, the cafe was renamed SalemHub, reflecting its placea the heart of the Social Village’s life and community.